Celebrating Mexico

Mexico is an endless magic, character and personality.
16 / 09 / 2017
Today we not only celebrate the independence of our country before the Spanish empire 207 years ago. Today, we propose to celebrate Mexico, in all its facets, faces and expressions. The Mexico in which we live and of which we are so proud, that in the center of the moon. From that country where many indigenous traditions come from, their native languages ​​and their ceremonies. From the country of folklore, music, dances, prayers, rituals, colors, smells and tastes, both of pre-Hispanic heritage and European influence.

From these nuances and ingredients the essence of Mexico is formed, the blood that runs through his veins and that seems to infuse his culture with life. In every corner of the country there is a tradition that enriches and stimulates the senses.

Mexican festivities, traditional songs and typical flavors are loaded with such symbolism and cultural richness that some of them have been named Intangible Cultural Heritage by UNESCO. The Day of the Dead festival, the -pirekua- purépecha song, the mariachi, the corn, the Papantla flyers, the Michoacan gastronomy; among others. Then we have agave fields, historic centers, archaeological monuments, sanctuaries, our natural reserves, and more, much more.

Mexico is an endless magic, character and personality.

We are a country full of life, desire, a people of struggle, transition and hope. We proudly celebrate our hospitality and roots, our food, our peoples and our national symbols; to one of the countries of greatest diversity, greatness and complexity; both cultural, environmental and ideological. Because we are much more than what is said about us and more than what we presume.