Tequila is solid against TLCAN

With the United States, there are already 50 countries that recognize tequila.
25 / 07 / 2017
The United States became the 50th country that recognizes the Tequila brand as authentic in Mexico, granting it a few days ago the certification of the trademark granted by the US Department of Commerce's Office of Patents and Trademarks (USPTO) , Informed Ramón González Figueroa, director of the Tequila Regulatory Council (CRT).

After a litigation of more than 13 years, in which a company of that country was challenging the procedure, CRT lawyers finally obtained the certification, with registration number 5,225,126, dated June 20, 2017, Gonzalez Figueroa announced this Friday in The headquarters of the CRT and said that this step will strengthen the position of the agavero product in the face of the renegotiation of NAFTA with the United States and Canada.

The director of the CRT pointed out that tequila has a very strong position within the North American Free Trade Agreement due to the mutual recognition between the three nations within the framework of the same agreement and to a memorandum of understanding establishing the guarantees for the Export of the product, together with the fact that in the framework of the renegotiation there is no mention of imposing tariffs on the Mexican distillate for sale in the United States. So that the recent certification of brand consolidates that position that was already strengthening.

This recognition, like the other 49, is made concrete thanks to the efforts of the CRT, which transcending borders has managed to protect the Denomination of Origin of Tequila (distilled Agave Tequilana Weber) beyond the Mexican territory and thereby enhance the opportunities from exportation.

With American recognition, the clamp was closed to strengthen NAFTA Annex 313, which presupposed a principle of equity and mutual recognition between the signatory nations of the agreement, for Canadian whiskey, for Bourbon and Tennesse American whiskeys and for tequila and the mexican mezcal.

However, only Canada had formally recognized tequila, by granting it the title of registered trademark, in 1979, but it lacked the recognition, not only commercial but legal of the United States, the main importing country of tequila, that last year it bought 161 million Of liters, equivalent to more than 80% of the total national production.