In USA this day is the tequila day
2 / 06 / 2017
Every mexican know –o at least we should- that one day like today, 155 years ago, in 1862, took place “La Batalla de Puebla”; where the mexican army, led by Ignacio Zaragoza, beat the french army. 

In USA, this day is, no more or less, the national tequila day in every presentation, also, is the day that everybody becomes more mexican than los tacos.

“Welcome to the best place to be at el Cinco de Mayo” 

Crowded places, famous private parties and people in the streets with sombrero and reboso, are the perfect image of what an ideal Cinco de Mayo looks like in our neighbor country. 

And, Who does not likes the idea of a mexican party? Piñatas, games and all the food that you can think of – burritos, nachos, guacamole, spicy frijoles and the famous tacos- also of course, this festivity is accompanied by a good tequila as the protagonist.

Now, let’s the fiesta started with your best amigos. 

After of some drinking games, one than other “ponle la cola al burro”, a few songs of Chente and Luismi, and all people screaming ¡Tequila! at the same time, after two, three, or four Margaritas, definetely sounds like the flawless party of Cinco de Mayo. 

Today, there’s no time to siesta, it’s time to fiesta.

Happy Cinco de Mayo to our USA friends from Tequila Ocho!