By Marifer Camarena
2 / 06 / 2017
Located in the region of Los Altos Sur, in the state of Jalisco, it’s found Arandas; one small town full of life and color, of only 1,238 km2 and 72,812 habitants.

Bathed in reddish tones for their land, and blue for their spectaculars agave fields, the grounds bristling under shining skies, has become in a famous place because his people, his rich gastronomy, and of course, for being house of the proudly national beverage.

Between colonial streets, haciendas of yore and rancherías, you can find destilleries where the magic happens. This places are perfectly design to harmonize with what surrounds them.

Destilleries like “La Alteña”, one of the last rustic destilleries of the country, cohabit, behind a brick facade, with the everyday life of a quiet town that is rooted in the tequila culture and his traditions.

With its handmade touches, and the devotion with which it is produced, it is possible to obtain, in these tequileras, a drink of great value. The tequila made in Arandas, begins in his own land, and with his own people.

Here, in every single bottle of tequila, there is a story, and in each of these stories we find the essence of our Mexico.

Undoubtedly, Arandas is a place who every tequila lover should know.