Agave beyond tequila

México generates 85.5% of the world's agave production
2 / 06 / 2017
Mexico generates 85.5% of the world's agave production, which is an advantage for the industrial sector, since with the application of technological advances, new business lines can be taken advantage of the different qualities of the plant.

Maria Teresa Rivera Lara, director of the Knowledge Transfer Office of Clarke, Modet & Co Mexico, commented that in the last 20 years, the chemical industry has been the one that has generated the most patent documents in the world regarding the Agave, with 61% of the documentary distribution.

The above, when prove that the cactaceous can be used in coatings and varnishes, useful foods to treat physical states or diseases, as well as in the production of biofertilizers, the development of biofuels, the manufacture of sweeteners and in the development of extraction technology for alcoholic beverages.

The agave has also has been used in the extraction of substances for the elaboration of soap and detergents, as it is the case of a Mexican company in Saltillo and another one in Cuba. In addition, African Sisal, L'Oreal and Mascoma are other international companies that already use the plant as a raw material for products for personal use.

These lines of business constitute a way to occupy 100% agave plantations, taking into account the amounts of waste that are left after processing the plant to obtain tequila, its most popular derivative.

Only in 2014 were reported 727, 200 tons of bagasse in the world, a number higher than the 679,500 that were obtained in 2013, according to data collected by Clarke, Modet & Co Mexico.