Tequila is one of the most popular liqueurs, not only in Mexico, but throughout the world. This alcoholic beverage from the state of Jalisco has been the subject of different investigations and there are several curious data related to it, reports the site Tastings.com.

The magazine Esquire in its electronic version and the site Squidoo.com published a list with several curiosities about this product. Some of the most relevant data is that a 100% pure Tequila does not generate hangover, while the most expensive bottle that has been sold had a value of one million dollars.


Here is the list of 9 things you didn't know about tequila:

1. Tequila is an agave distillate. But it is also a denomination of origin, therefore, can only be called the drinks produced in that region. In addition, its name comes from the Nahuatl tequitl, that means work or trade ytlan, that is equal to place.

2. A tequila of good quality, which does not go through any chemical or industrial process, does not generate any kind of hangover in people. It should be noted that this drink is known as a handmade product.

3. There are different stories about its origin. Formerly it was considered a drink given by the gods. Legend has it that one day a lightning lightning struck over an agave plant, which made these plants burn for a few seconds. The villagers noticed that from the interior sprouted an aromatic nectar from which they drank with fear and reverence.

4. According to the site Esquire this drink does not generate any depressive state in people and, quite the contrary, activates the nervous system as long as it is consumed in moderation.

5. Tequila is a beverage that can practically be drinked with any food.

6. The most expensive bottle of tequila sold in history cost $ 1 million. "Passion Aztec" has four kilos of pure platinum and 4,000 diamonds inlaid.

7. The blue agave had many uses for the indigenous. The sap of this plant was used to heal wounds, besides, it was used to make some tools like needles, nails, threads and paper.

8. A "caballito" is the typical glass with which tequila is usually drinked. This small glass cylinder must have a base always narrower than its mouth. It is believed that its origin comes from the bull horns that were used in the tequila factories to test the liquor fresh out of the alambique. 

9. Tequila is one of the few things that foreigners recognize as exclusively Mexican, however, in China a "pirate" drink is produced that is sold under this name and is even marketed in various parts of the world.